How I Got Hired

72. Lori Knudsen: Increase your 'Knowbility'

February 14, 2022
How I Got Hired
72. Lori Knudsen: Increase your 'Knowbility'
Show Notes

What is it like to work at a top company for 18 years and then suddenly have that taken away from you?

Today's episode talks about the grim reality of layoffs, and the joy of restarting your career when faced with umpteen unknowns.

Lori Knudsen has worked in pharma sales for over 20 years as a cardiovascular specialty representative. And now, as the Founder of Knowbility Consulting, she helps students find
their ideal career. So it’s safe to say, Lori knows quite a bit about how the heart works!

In this honest and revealing episode, Lori shares how she landed her first job in Sales, and how life was like going through a big career transition.

We also talk a lot of strengths based coaching and how our strengths can reveal whether we are in the right or wrong career, especially if faced with a crossroads.

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did, with so many key takeaways.
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