How I Got Hired

78. Andrea Rainsford: Find Yourself with the SEO Angel

March 28, 2022 Sonal Bahl
How I Got Hired
78. Andrea Rainsford: Find Yourself with the SEO Angel
Show Notes

My guest today Andrea Rainsford calls herself The SEO Angel. And today we are going to talk about her career in two parts. I’d like you to listen to the following excerpt:

“18 years ago I was thriving, I was growing. I was climbing the ladder. Life was so so good. Great job, getting married, flying round the globe with work. It was cut short. My life path had other plans. I was out of action for 11 years. My business is 8 years old this year. It’s successful, I’m helping, guiding and advising amazing businesses. We’ve won 3 awards my business and I.”

Today we’re going to learn about Andrea pre and post 2003 and if you’re in any sort of challenge today: emotional, mental or physical, I’m sure you’re going to walk away with dollops of inspiration and renewed grit, learning from our own resident angel.

 In this conversation, Andrea talks about how:

- She got hired in Ernst & Young and what it was like to be a senior female leader in the 1990’s.

- Andrea also shares how, at the peak of her consulting career, she got diagnosed out of the blue for ME, (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, also called chronic fatigue syndrome) and suffered a major stroke that rendered her bed-ridden for 8 years.

 - Andrea went back to University to complete a Bachelor’s in Computing Science in her late thirties in a wheelchair

 - Career reinvention, my favourite topic! We talk about how Andrea started working in SEO and the unforgettable way she got her first paid client

 - SEO for Dummies. Yes, Andrea breaks SEO down so anyone today, no matter the background, can apply SEO principles in their own career

Here's a LinkedIn post on Andrea's graduation:

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