How I Got Hired

80: Virginia Franco: Career Change with The Resume Storyteller

April 11, 2022
How I Got Hired
80: Virginia Franco: Career Change with The Resume Storyteller
Show Notes

Today’s episode is extra special because the guest is a friend of mine. Now, whether you are looking for a job, or thinking of starting a side hustle, or anywhere in the middle, you are in the right place! 

Virginia Franco is one of the best Resume Writers in the US, and who doesn’t need to learn great resume writing tips? But wait, there’s more! Virginia is so successful, that she takes the full summer off, so for anyone who wants to learn how she got to that stage and how you can to, tune in!

In this episode, Virginia talks about how she went from careers in Journalism, to Social Work, to writing resumes and everything in between. 

We also talk about Virginia's favourite tips for starting a side hustle and her current side hustle as part of the world's first marketplace for job seekers: Job Search Journey, a female founded start up.

And of course, I quiz Virginia on her battle tested tips to write a standout resume.

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