How I Got Hired

81. Elizebeth Varghese: Blockchain & Careers of the Future

April 18, 2022
How I Got Hired
81. Elizebeth Varghese: Blockchain & Careers of the Future
Show Notes

Today I am speaking with Elizebeth Varghese, who heads Talent and HR Strategy Transformation at IBM, with solutions in Blockchain, Robotics and AI.   
 In fact, Elizebeth has just released her new bestseller [Block] Chain Reaction and we’re going to go into this, because frankly, all this blockchain, AI talk evokes such an air of mystery! 

 We also talk about the following:

 - What are some emerging job opportunities that Elizebeth sees coming up that are only going grow further

 - Elizebeth's favourite advice and resources to enable someone who wants to make a lateral move to tech roles, from Finance/HR/Marketing etc. 

 - As a global business leader and people & technology strategist, what it is Elizebeth looks for when hiring for key roles

 Join me on this journey with Elizebeth on how she moved from AON Hewitt, E&Y to IBM, from Mumbai to New York. If you’re curious about the role of tech in the world of jobs and the future of work, this is an episode that cannot be missed.

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The books we mentioned: 

[Block]Chain Reaction: The Future of How We Live and Work:

Significant Women: Leaders Reveal What Matters Most:


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