How I Got Hired

83: Jon Hyman: Lawyer up!

April 25, 2022
How I Got Hired
83: Jon Hyman: Lawyer up!
Show Notes

Today I’m fortunate to have Jon Hyman on the show. Jon is an Employment Lawyer and in essence, the voice on the other end of a phone when a business needs advice on firing an employee, a policy or agreement drafted, guidance on a leave of absence, disability accommodation, or internal complaint or investigation, or any others issue that plague human resources professionals and businesses daily. And when the need arises, Jon works in litigation and has likely seen all sorts of appalling behaviour by both employers and employees, both of which shall not be named!

Jon is one of my favourite people to follow on LinkedIn, for multiple reasons:

  1. His posts often have tongue in cheek humour about the most grueling workplace issues
  2. and no matter what, Jon is always honest
  3. It’s rare to see lawyers speak up so candidly on social media. 
  4. Jon wears multiple hats, and among other things, he is now a podcaster!

So, get ready to ‘witness’ a conversation where we ‘raise the bar’!

In this fun conversation, Jon and I cover:

- how legal dramas on TV compare to working in a law firm in real life

- what were some of Jon's career defining roles and how he got hired there

- how a random call Jon accidentally answered changed the trajectory of his career

- Why Jon decided to work on the employer side, and not on the employee: Jon shares his decision making process, which I think can help you if you are at a similar crossroad

- The most facepalm moment (there have been many!) Jon has witnessed in his legal career.

If you're looking for a fun, thought provoking conversation and learn life lessons directly from an employment lawyer, this is an episode you cannot miss!

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