How I Got Hired

85. Joel Lalgee: Hiring Those who Hire YOU

May 10, 2022
How I Got Hired
85. Joel Lalgee: Hiring Those who Hire YOU
Show Notes

My guest today is in Wisconsin, USA and his name is Joel Lalgee. Joel is a recruiter who hires recruiters, and in this episode we are going to talk about it all, Joel’s career and the state of the recruitment industry, and how that impacts job seekers and others in transition. If you don’t follow Joel on LinkedIn, I highly recommend you start, because his is probably one of the funniest accounts, and his memes are epic, and you know what they say about humour: it’s exaggerated truth.

 In this episode, Joel and I chat about:

 - What his original plans were when Joel was younger and how those plans got derailed

 - Which position has been THE career defining role for Joel and how he got hired there 

- How Joel got hired in his current position (hint there was no resume involved!)

- How Joel has transitioned from a small business owner to an employee

 - Joel’s opinion on what’s HOT in recruitment. We talk about how the demand for recruiters is sky high these days, that there are more demand than software engineers. What are these recruiters being hired for, is it all mostly for recruiting tech roles? And is it all a bubble? 

 - What according to Joel, is are some of the biggest mistakes he sees job seekers make these days

 And so much more!

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