How I Got Hired

91. Andy Griffiths: Writing your Own Story

June 21, 2022 Sonal Bahl
How I Got Hired
91. Andy Griffiths: Writing your Own Story
Show Notes

My guest today is Andy Griffiths
If you haven’t heard of Andy, and if you have kids/nephews/nieces, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of the Treehouse Books: the 13 Storey Treehouse, 26 Storey Treehouse and so many more. These books are created by New York Times bestselling team Andy Griffiths who is the writer and Terry Denton, the illustrator. 
Andy Griffiths is one of Australia’s most popular children’s authors. He and Terry have collaborated on more than 33 bestselling books since 1997. In Australia, Andy and Terry’s books have sold over 10 million copies, won innumerable awards including Book of the Year.
Their Treehouse Series in particular have been embraced by children around the world and now published in more than 35 countries. Five of the books in the series have been adapted for the stage and have all had sell-out seasons at the Sydney Opera house, as well as highly successful seasons in the Netherlands, New Zealand and the US. 
I’ve brought Andy to the podcast for so many reasons: to learn about Andy’s career, because it is a prime example of squiggly career path vs a career ladder that we’ve all believed to be true for so long, and this is such a valuable episode.  

In this episode, Andy takes us behind the scenes and shares what real life was like, before being 'discovered' by Macmillan Publishers. Andy shares his stories of courage, heartbreak, rejection and how that journey brought him closer to his current success.

We also talk about how he and Terry achieved global success in their fifties and sixties, and what that means in the world today that is quite obsessed with youth.

We also talk about 'cotton wool' childhoods and why Andy is so vocal about it on social media.

Whether or not you have children, nephews or nieces, I know this will prove to be a valuable listen. 

Learn more about Andy and his books here:


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