How I Got Hired

92. Priya Ramesh: 'Master' your Leadership

June 27, 2022
How I Got Hired
92. Priya Ramesh: 'Master' your Leadership
Show Notes

If you want to be a fantastic leader, today’s conversation is perfect for you. My guest is Priya Ramesh. Priya is a Master Certified Coach and that in itself, I think is a pretty big deal, there are only 70 MCC’s in India and  only 1,327 wordwide.  Priya was my Mentor Coach during my Coaching Certification Program and I have learnt so much from her. Today, the tables have turned, I’m the one asking the questions, and I know this will be such a valuable conversation

In this episode, Priya and I talk about:

- What Priya's original plans were upon graduating from university, and what actually ended up happening in reality

- What has been the most transformative position Priya has held in your career, and how she got there

- They say a shoemaker’s children usually go barefoot. Being a coach and helping and guiding so many thousands of people, doesn’t always translate to helping yourself objectively. How can someone listening today, who is heavily in that service mindset, put on their own oxygen mask first?

- What it's really like being a Leadership Coach and what are some of the traits of a top coach

- Priya's own coaching model the beautifully encapsulates the coach/client relationship. My South Asian listeners will particularly enjoy this one, and the rest will learn two new Sanskrit words

Learn more about Priya by visiting her LinkedIn profile and website:


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