How I Got Hired

94. Chris Anderson: An Unedited Career

July 13, 2022
How I Got Hired
94. Chris Anderson: An Unedited Career
Show Notes

My guest today has worked with CNN, Huff Post, Business Insider, HSBC, LinkedIn, and even at a top gaming company in Hong Kong. Chris Anderson recently moved back to his native California after some very adventurous years in South East Asia. There are 3 reasons I wanted to bring Chris on the show:

a)     Chris not only talks about career pivots, one of my favourite topics, but has also lived it

b)     The one theme in most of Chris’ career is related to content: managing it, mastering it, learning what works and what doesn’t

c)      Chris spearheaded the ‘Top Startups’ while at LinkedIn News and I want to talk about start ups: the good, the bad and the ugly. 

In this episode,  Chris and I cover a lot of topics, including:

- How he got hired at LinkedIn and how life changed within a couple of months when Covid hit SE Asia.

- Applying to listed jobs vs the hidden job market

- How everyone is a content creator to some degree, and how we can up our game 

We really enjoyed this conversation, I hope you do too!

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