How I Got Hired

96. Enrique Camacho: Army Colonel to Uber Driver to Founder!

September 13, 2022
How I Got Hired
96. Enrique Camacho: Army Colonel to Uber Driver to Founder!
Show Notes

My guest today is a US Army Colonel turned Uber driver. True Story! I’m going to take an excerpt from a LinkedIn post of his that blew up in May 2022 and got 60,000 likes and thousands of comments and shares:

“I was kind of a big deal, at least I thought. I worked for some of the most recognized names in defense, served at a few national agencies. Then I started Model Citizen Coffee Company and realized - I need more money! So, between writing business plans and developing product lines, I drove an Uber and managed a 4.9999999 star rating - thank you Mr. 3 Star, blew-up my 5-star rating.
 Here's what I learned in the experience. Nobody cared that I was "Kind of a Big Deal”. I asked my Uber riders lots of questions, and empathized with: Funny thing is, only 3 out of 453 passengers I delivered ever asked about my story. Perhaps the 450 thought Enrique Camacho, was a middle aged immigrant supporting his family the best way he could, with a limited skill set and future.
 Truth bomb hit me. We're only as good as our last race. People don't really care what we've done. They're interested in what we can do for them today and tomorrow. It's not a bad thing, it's a realization that we must continuously learn and grow, so we don't stagnate.

This conversation is a brilliant lesson in checking ego, taking baby steps, facing the fear and doing it anyway.
Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

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