How I Got Hired

98. Tova Leigh: She did WHAT?

October 04, 2022 Sonal Bahl
How I Got Hired
98. Tova Leigh: She did WHAT?
Show Notes

My guest today is like no other. Truly, one of a kind.

Tova Leigh is a Writer, Performer and Content Creator with over 2 million followers on social media. But wait, she’s not like other writers and performers out there. She creates viral videos about feminism and women’s rights in a way that educates and entertains. I mean, Tova is seriously funny. And today to talk about Tova’s career, which started out as an Employment Attorney and then switched to the performing arts. 
Tova has performed at one woman comedy shows around the world and is the author of the books:  ‘F*cked at 40: Life Beyond Suburbia, Monogamy and Stretch Marks’ and ‘You Did What?’, a collection of funny and outrageous confessions from every day people from around the world, which was released in September 2021.

In this episode, we cover a LOT.
- How Tova started out as an Employment Attorney in Israel and how she ended up as a full-time performer on stage in the UK!
-How she has developed the 'resilience' muscle from constant rejections, past and present and how you can too
- How her web series got featured by Amazon and garnered global attention
- What it's really like parading on LinkedIn in your swimsuit and underwear to draw attention to the world's toxic obsession with a woman's weight.
...and so much more!

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