How I Got Hired

106. Sunaina Sinha: Life before and after Stanford & Harvard, and Moving from Employee to Founder to Employee

January 21, 2023
How I Got Hired
106. Sunaina Sinha: Life before and after Stanford & Harvard, and Moving from Employee to Founder to Employee
Show Notes

My guest today is a Finance Firebrand, and Private Capital Advisor Sunaina Sinha, who is now at Raymond James, a global financial services leader whose total client assets are over $1.1 trillion. There are so many reasons for bringing Sunaina to the show. Even though Sunaina received her education at HBS and Stanford, her career has been anything but linear, something we love to see on the podcast ; there are so few women in this space; and so few women who look like me, especially who were not born in the countries they live and work in. 

In this conversation, Sunaina shares the following:

- How a scattered childhood in Africa and South East Asia that was often difficult at times, made her the person she is today
-What helped her application to stand out at Stanford and HBS
- Why she moved from Industrial to Chemical Engineering and then to Finance
- How Sunaina secured her first job post MBA at Bridgewater
- What her first boss said to her and how she never forgot those words
- What made her start her own company and how she got hired by her first few paid clients
- The reality of running her own business while being a mom to 3 kids and breastfeeding throughout those early years
- How her company grew and caught the eye of Raymond James, and what it's been like to go from employee to founder to employee
- Her greatest superpower, and you might be surprised with her answer
..and so much more

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