How I Got Hired

108. Dr Pal: How a Heart Attack changed his Life and Career

February 07, 2023 Sonal Bahl
How I Got Hired
108. Dr Pal: How a Heart Attack changed his Life and Career
Show Notes

My guest today is a Dr Pal, one of California’s leading experts in the fields of gastroenterology and hepatology. There are 3 reasons I wanted to bring the good doctor on the show. 
Number one is it’s pretty cool to have a doctor on the show, second, are some startling facts: 13% of the world is obese, 39% of the world’s adults are overweight, 1 in 5 children are overweight, and we need to learn more about this, and Dr Pal has his own personal journey. Thirdly, Dr Pal, (full name Dr Palaniappan Manickam) is a content creator, with 800k followers across Youtube and Instagram! (I counted 600k during the time of recording and it just keeps growing!). Dr Pal makes useful videos using his charateristic humour and the theme is always ‘making yourself a priority’ so that you don’t need to hire doctors like him,  ever. 

We talk about the following:

- How the Indian steretype of having a doctor or engineer in the family was very much alive in his family and community growing up

- The journey to study medicine in India and then eventually in the US, with all of the pitfalls in between

- The obesity epidemic, the causes and some timeless pieces of advice for maintaining good health, coming from the doctor's own experience

-  The accidental start of Dr Pal's content creation journey: how it started and how it's going

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