How I Got Hired

113. Jenna Harrison: From Nude Beaches to Business Coaching: Her Uncommon Career Journey

April 26, 2023 Jenna Harrison
How I Got Hired
113. Jenna Harrison: From Nude Beaches to Business Coaching: Her Uncommon Career Journey
Show Notes

In this episode of the "How I Got Hired" podcast, I had the pleasure of interviewing Jenna Harrison, a mindset and business coach. Jenna shared her career journey with me, which included working in corporate roles, moving to Spain to work on a nude beach, and eventually becoming a coach. We covered a range of topics during our conversation, including salary negotiation, clarity in decision-making, and the power of mindset. Jenna emphasized the importance of being grounded in one's mission and taking risks to achieve new results. I found her story to be incredibly inspiring and I hope that our listeners will be motivated to pursue their passions and create fulfilling careers.

Introduction [00:00:06]
Sonal Bahl introduces herself and the purpose of the podcast, which is to share stories of people who have achieved success in their careers.

Jenna's Corporate Role [00:05:18]
Jenna Harrison talks about her favorite corporate role as an executive assistant for the chairman of a board of an S&P 600 company and how she learned about effective communication.

Salary Negotiation [00:09:31]
Jenna Harrison talks about negotiating her salary for the first time when she applied for the executive assistant role.

Corporate Roles and Salary Negotiation [00:11:13-00:13:52]
Jenna talks about her experience negotiating her salary for a fashion job and the importance of advocating for oneself.

Working on a Nude Beach [00:14:32-00:20:12]
Jenna shares her experience working on a nude beach in Spain and how she ended up managing a restaurant there.

Choosing a Career Path [00:15:47-00:20:12]
Jenna discusses her decision to pursue a career in Spain after college and how she made the decision to prioritize her personal values over a potentially lucrative career in the US.

Corporate Roles and Career Progression [00:20:50]
Jenna talks about her experience of being interrupted in her career progression and how she trusted herself to bounce back.

Starting The Uncommon Way [00:23:24]
Jenna explains how she started her coaching business, The Uncommon Way, and how she helps women entrepreneurs create their own businesses.

Importance of Clarity in Business [00:29:03]
Jenna discusses the importance of having true clarity in business and how it can help in attracting clients and building a successful business.

The Power of Words [00:35:25]
Jenna discusses the importance of shifting language to gain clarity and how our brain responds to different commands.

Adversity as a Supercharger [00:38:22]
Jenna shares how being rejected from a business mastermind program led her to write an application for the future, which she accomplished in just one month, supercharging her business.

Methodology for Clarity [00:31:59]
Jenna and Sonal discuss the methodology Jenna uses to help people gain clarity in their lives, careers, and relationships.

Jenna's self-concept [00:41:19]
Jenna talks about how her self-concept changed after applying to a mastermind and how it affected her behavior and beliefs.

Promoting Jenna's podcast [00:42:40]
Sonal promotes Jenna's podcast, "The Uncommon Way Business and Life Coaching Podcast," and encourages listeners to check it out.

Importance of leaving a review [00:44:12]
Sonal emphasizes the importance of leaving a review for her podcast to help it reach more people and fulfill her mission of helping others supercharge their careers.

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