How I Got Hired

119. Robert Baker: What it was like to be at Mercer for 42 years, and how that evolved to Male Allyship & DEI Consulting

August 31, 2023
How I Got Hired
119. Robert Baker: What it was like to be at Mercer for 42 years, and how that evolved to Male Allyship & DEI Consulting
Show Notes

My guest today is Robert Baker. Robert spent 42 years at Mercer Consulting, where he held senior roles leading Investment Consulting and Client Relationships across geographies and businesses, and also leading DEI for the international regions, before DEI was really as mainstream as it is today. So, what does Robert do after a rich 42 year career? He starts his ‘next stage’ portfolio career, using his power and privilege for good, and set up his own consulting firm, helping businesses, ecome more diverse and inclusive, especially training and coaching male leaders on how they can show up better for women and all genders at the workplace. 

In this episode, we talk about how Robert started at Mercer, how he navigated change, internal networks and politics during this long tenure and his advise to someone who in today’s world is told that they need to keep moving externally to continue to grow

 We also talk about Robert's company Potentia Talent Consulting and the mission behind it, what made him start, how he got signed on by his first few clients, and whether he misses being in corporate.

 We cover a fair amout on how to shattering stereotypes and biases, and how doing this helps all genders, men included. 

Let’s say there’s a woman listening today and thinking, I’m in a company where they talk a pretty talk, but walking the talk is a far cry. What would Robert recommend this woman do, and how can men show up better at work? The answer pleasantly surprised me!

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The PWN webinar we referred to during the conversation is here. Even thought it has already passed, follow them and Robert to learn more about biases, stereotypes, equity and change.

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