How I Got Hired

13. Kolarele Sonaike: The Master of Persuasion

January 03, 2021 Kolarele Sonaike
How I Got Hired
13. Kolarele Sonaike: The Master of Persuasion
Show Notes

Landing your dream job means persuading someone that you are the best person for the position. My next guest not only practices the art of persuasion for a living, but teaches it par excellence. 

Kolarele Sonaike is a practicing barrister at the prestigious Chambers of 1, Essex Court in London. He is also a Communications Skills coach and the creator of the acclaimed “Great Speech podcast”.

In this powerful conversation, Kola talks about:

1.       How he went from getting average grades in school to studying Law at the University of Westminster

2.       How he secured a role at a prestigious law firm in spite of multiple obstacles, including blatant racism in the legal profession

3.       The very peculiar way he was welcomed by a senior barrister on his first day

4.       How he started a communication skills consultancy as a side hustle 

5.       How 95% of job seekers ignore this one particular skill that can help them land their dream jobs

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