How I Got Hired

27. Suzanne Lucas: An Encounter with the Evil HR Lady

April 11, 2021 Sonal Bahl
How I Got Hired
27. Suzanne Lucas: An Encounter with the Evil HR Lady
Show Notes

Facing a challenging scenario at your workplace? Expecting to get laid off? Having trouble dealing with your boss?

Chances are, the Evil HR Lady can help.

Suzanne Lucas helps you understand what your boss is thinking, whether you should contact a lawyer and what your chances are of getting severance. 

Her hit blog 'The Evil HR Lady' garners half a million views across platforms monthly and provides valuable counsel across a range of scenarios. 

In this stellar conversation, Suzanne shares with us:

 -        How she landed up in HR at Wyeth, a giant pharmaceutical company, and there’s a great lesson here for those of us who are a little confused about our passion

 -        An unusual job interview experience that helped her decide between two job offers, and there's a great lesson there if you ever fall into that predicament

 -        Moving from the US to Europe and noticing the clear differences in employment practices

 -        How her blog 'The Evil HR Lady' got started and how she landed writing gigs at big names like CBS, etc.

 -        The perception and reputation of HR today, and whether there’s been any change in the last 20 years

 -        Her favourite tips for someone who thinks they might be losing their job.

 This is a longer conversation and worth every single minute, trust me!

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