How I Got Hired

56. Parul Somani: Thrive on Silver Linings

November 01, 2021
How I Got Hired
56. Parul Somani: Thrive on Silver Linings
Show Notes

Parul Somani has all the right names on her resume: A Bachelors in Engineering from MIT and an MBA from Harvard Business School. A successful career working at Bain, leading teams and advising Fortune 500 companies and PE firms, and serving in leadership positions at Silicon Valley start-ups. Yet, there’s more to Parul. Much more.

“My world was turned upside down when I was diagnosed with breast cancer while still recovering from a c-section for my second daughter. My maternity leave turned into a medical leave and my resilience was tested in unprecedented ways. In the years since, however, I have realized the beautiful silver linings that emerged from that dark cloud. These benefits were not just good side effects, but positive outcomes that I created through my mindset, intention, advocacy, and sense of purpose. I’ve realized these learnable skills have helped me not just endure challenges as a mother, business leader, patient, and caregiver, but also thrive from them.”

In this hugely inspirational conversation, Parul doesn’t leave anything out. We talk about

- How she prepared the Harvard application that helped her to stand out, in what is one of the most competitive MBA programs.

- How she approached a company that shared her mission for patient empowerment, and created a role for herself there!

- How she decided to start her own speaking venture after being laid off and how she got hired by paid clients before and during covid

- And so much more

If you’ve been a bit down lately, please give this episode a listen. Parul is a force to reckon with and embodies how silver linings can emerge from the darkest clouds.

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