How I Got Hired

64. Ruchira Chaudhary: Learn the Secrets to Uncommon Leadership

December 20, 2021
How I Got Hired
64. Ruchira Chaudhary: Learn the Secrets to Uncommon Leadership
Show Notes

“It was 2013 and I was exiting a large and well-known organization and just the previous year, I'd graduated with a mid-career MBA from Chicago Booth School of Business. Armed with new found knowledge and skills, I felt I could change the world or at least, the corporate world. So I made some good moves, including taking up high profile corporate roles that had their rewards. However working with a certain large corporation also gave me clarity on the kind of organization I never wanted to work for again and it made me think about leaders who move forward by stepping on others and holding them back.”

Ruchira Chaudhary is someone with deep expertise in strategy execution, leadership development and executive coaching, in Asia, Middle East and Northern Africa in some of the best companies in these regions: AIG, TCS, Medtronic etc.

This intro is from her book ‘Coaching: The Secret Code to Uncommon Leadership’ and today we are going to talk to Ruchira about her own rich and varied career.
In this episode, Ruchira shares her stories and experiences layered in culture and leadership that led her to research and reflect on how to become the most extraordinary leader you can become.
A very valuable episode, hope you’re as invigorated as I am after listening to it!

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