How I Got Hired

69. Richard van der Blom: Power of ‘Just Connecting’

January 24, 2022 Sonal Bahl
How I Got Hired
69. Richard van der Blom: Power of ‘Just Connecting’
Show Notes

There are so many LinkedIn trainers and coaches out there, a basic search generates over 1 million results. Very few of these trainers are actually good. And in that tiny pool of good trainers, you have excellence. And then, you have Richard. 

What makes Richard different is that he has been a professional LinkedIn trainer since 2009 and has worked with 750 companies worldwide. Richard has a well known LinkedIn algorithm report that is carefully prepared with a tonne of research but…there’s more to Richard. 

Today let’s learn about Richard’s very international career, what made him start his company ‘Just Connecting', move to Spain, after working at very different jobs like at a high school in the Netherlands, at a diving center in Zanzibar and now serving clients in the art of social and virtual selling around the world.

 In this episode, Richard and I talk about:

- How a short summer job resulted in an entry into the lucrative world of Sales in the Staffing industry 

- The juicy story behind how Richard started his own firm ‘Just Connecting’ and how he got hired by his very first paying client

- How and why his firm started the now famous Annual LinkedIn Algorithm Report (the answer will likely surprise you!)

- How the pandemic caused total stress and chaos for many months, yet resulted in multiple silver linings for his business

- Snippets from the LinkedIn Algorithm Report to help a job seeker who wants to attract the attention of a recruiter

...and so much more! Hope you enjoy the conversation, and tag me on LinkedIn, I'd love to hear your takeaways!

The LinkedIn Algorithm Report:

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