How I Got Hired

65. Which moment SuperCharged your Career?

December 27, 2021 Sonal Bahl
How I Got Hired
65. Which moment SuperCharged your Career?
Show Notes

What is that one standout defining moment that supercharged your career and helped you to move towards your current success?

In this episode I compile the responses of 7 guests from the podcast, from back in 2020.
I hope this episode helps you to think about that moment in your own career. Whether it was reaching out to a mentor, getting laid off or just getting tired of your current situation, I'm sure the stories will resonate with you.
In case you're interested, here are the original episodes from where I extracted these clips, respectively. Enjoy!

1. Episode with Marilyn Zakhour
2. Episode with David Wee
3. Episode with Sarah Johnston
4. Episode with Kolarele Sonaike
5. Episode with Steve Wohlenhaus
6. Episode with Vikas Pota
7. Episode with Greg Brenner

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